Domain Names

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To List/Search and Manage Domain Registration Orders

  1. Login to your Control Panel:

    For Resellers1

    For Customers2

  2. Next, click

    For ResellersProducts -> List All Orders.

    For CustomersManage Orders -> List/Search Orders.

  3. Search for the Domain Registration Order(s) by selecting Domain Registration under the For Product drop-down menu.

    • To search for Domain Registration Orders affected by the Registrant Contact email verification process, select Domain Registration under the For Product drop-down menu.


      • To search for Orders for which the Registrant Contact email address verification is pending, select Pending under the Verification Status drop-down menu.

      • To search for Orders which have been deactivated due to non-verification of the Registrant Contact email address, select Suspended under theVerification Status drop-down menu.

    • For Resellers:

      • You may search for Domain Registration Orders belonging to your Sub-Resellers by selecting the Include Sub-Reseller's results check box.

      • To search for deleted Domain Registration Orders, point to Products -> Domain Registration in the Menu and then click Search.


        • To search for Orders deleted in the past 30 days, select the Order Status as Deleted (in last 1 month).

        • To search for Orders deleted more than 30 days ago, select the Order Status as Deleted Archived.

  4. On the next page, you would see a list of all your Domain Registration Orders bought through Quasitown. Click any domain name to reach its Overview.

  5. Click the Domain Registration tab to reach the Order Information view, from where you can perform any modifications to the Order.

Additional Information

For Resellers: You can also use the Search Bar on the Control Panel home page to bring up the Order Information view for a Domain Registration Order. This Search Bar will also be available on the topmost menu bar, in every page of the Reseller Control Panel.

  1. Provide the domain name in the search field.

  2. Select Order from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click the Search button.

  4. On the next page, click the Domain Registration tab.